• Where to install TV?

    Installation to be done at the seating level. And ideally should not be installed above 4fts.

  • Can I connect additional wire to increase the length?

    It is advisable to connect the Plugs through Extension cord, never ever cut the power cord to ensure safety.

  • Can I mount TV in kitchen?

    No, never mount the TV in hot places like kitchen or under direct sunlight.

  • How to share my phone/laptop screen?

    Go to Apps > Kindlink > Connect your device through inbuilt screen casting app (ensure a common wifi is connected with the Wiscon TV & your device to be connected)

  • What OTT I can watch on my Wiscon Smart TV?

    Youtube, Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, Zee5 and a lot more (ensure you are subscribed to the paid OTTs).

  • How to connect Wi-Fi?

    Ensure you have a Wi-Fi/ hotspot of strong network. Go to Home Screen > Click on the Wi-Fi Icon on top left > select your Wi-Fi > Enter passcode > Click on Connect

  • Can we connect DTH set top boxes in these TV?

    Yes, you can connect set top boxes. Along with this you will also get USB & HDMI connectivity

  • Can i use this TV as monitor?

    Yes, you can share your PC screen & do your work as you do on monitor

  • Can i install my TV myself?

    Table Top installation can be done at home. For wall mount installation, you can contact our Customer care & book your installation. This installation will be done by Wiscon authorised service technician.

  • Can i use this TV without Wi-Fi Connectivity?

    Yes, TV can be operated without Wi-Fi connectivity, but for using Internet based applications, a proper Wi-Fi network connectivity is required

  • Can I connect additional BT or wired speakers?


  • Does this TV have Earphone jack?


  • What if water is entered through front grill?

    Water should be entered through defined water inlet, any water intrusion in fan motor can damage the product.

  • Can we keep Pump On everytime?

    Pump can be turned On during operation, ensure there is enough water. Without water, Pump is recommeded to be turned OFF.

  • Can I connect additional wire to increase the length?

    It is advisable to connect the Plugs through Extension cord, never ever cut the power cord to ensure safety

  • How to drain water from cooler?

    Always unplug the drain cover to remove water from the tank

  • Can we use hot water from geyser to washing machine inlet?

    No, water temperature allowed is upto 55 degree celcius.

  • Can we drain water from wash tub while spinning?

    It is not advisable to retain duability of motors.

  • Which places should be avoided in placing of washing machines?

    Avoid Hot area, direct rain area, washrooms, direct sunlight to maintain durability of the product.

  • If spin tub is vibrating, noisy what should I do?

    Balance the spin load by removing & keeping it back firmly.

  • What is the time dyration to clean lint/magic filter?

    After every third wash.

  • Do I need to book installation service for semi automatic washing machine?

    No, You can refer the manual and install yourself.

  • What is the warranty for my wash motor?

    On wash motor, there is additional warranty of 3 years apart from 2 years comprehensive warranty, i.e total 5 years. Transportation & service cost is additional as per company policy. T&C*

  • Can I repair my product from nearby repairing centre?

    It is advised to contact authorized service partner in need of repair. You just need to contact our Call Centre for all service queries & aftersales support.

  • What will happen if water level is low in my wash tub?

    It is advised to maintain water level as per the load of cloths. If load of cloth is heavier, water should be available enough to rotate the motor. If water is less, motor can be damaged.